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Liz is a generous and committed artist and a sensitive, hearted and insightful teacher. Her clown, Mowanna, taught me about vulnerability and the openness of the clown heart. I am delighted to recommend her as a clown teacher: she will joyfully cast the spell of the red nose onto you.

                                          — Giovanni Fusetti

Red Nose Clown

Sublime Stupidity

Red Nose Clown Workshops


 LaLa Theater

Original Theatre Productions

Sublime Stupidity The focus of this weekend intensive workshop is on giving birth to your clown. The clown is based on you – your body, your movement, and many elements of you as yet unnoticed and/or un-celebrated.  


The tools we use to help you discover and begin to play as your clown are drawn from myriad Mask and Movement-Theater techniques and traditions.


By identifying and learning to glory in what is uniquely and inherently stupid about each of us, we begin to know and embody our clowns. Ironically, these qualities, which we often are unaware of and/or struggle to keep hidden from those around us, are in fact the gateways to hysterically funny, profound and sublimely simple work.


LaLa Theater Company is the brain child of two passionate performers, Elizabeth Baron and Bobby Lee Dartt. They have come together to create and perform exceptional theater that is poignant and heartfelt. Be forewarned, hilarity may also ensue.

LaLa Theater: Productions

A Pu-Pu Platter of Love


"I've taken Liz's red nose workshop 3 times - cause it's just that good. I'd take it again tomorrow... or when I'm 65.


As a teacher Liz has nigh super-natural powers of listening and guides students of all levels "down  the rabbit hole" to explore the richest parts of themselves and transpose it into moving theater performances.


She has been one of the most important influences in my development as an artist. I've had breakthroughs in her workshops that have completely exploded my expressive ability both as an artist and as a person. "

-Peter Sweet, International Circus & Theatre Artist

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