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For Actors, Clowns, and Singers
(and non-performers, too!)


Create and develop deep, sincere, and powerful character forms through improvisation, starting with vibration and the breath.

Learn how to work with your breath and voice in a way that can be sustained for many performances without injury or strain.

Experience deeply healing release in the body through physical and emotional flow. This flow can, and often does, lead to limitless creativity, openness, and inspiration in your work!

Surprise yourself with spontaneous vocal expressions (and ranges) you didn't know you had!

Experience voice as creative flow and let yourself  be energized through it.

Discover the effect of different resonances in specific situations: in a classroom, at a work meeting, public speaking events.

Elizabeth Baron's approach to breath and voice work draws from her diverse vocal and theatre training: Musical Theatre, Alexander, Wu-Tao Breath, Reichian Release Work, As a vocal coach and teacher, Fado, Cabaret, Rock, Folk, Opera, Bossa Nova, character and voiceover work, as well as the principals of LeCoq physical theatre training are incorporated into her vocal work. Elizabeth intuitively connects to the needs of the student or performer to discover which approaches will be most helpful and relevant. 

While at Helikos and through independent teaching, Elizabeth developed with Giovanni Fusetti a Voice Pedagogy which incorporated the foundational elements of Helikos training in the context of the Voice. The understanding gesture and embodiment of forms in physical theatre translates readily to an awareness of breath and vibration in the body. The way an individual breathes, where the breath is focused in the body (and where it is limited), the parts of the body that are held or released, the emotional state and psychological movement all result in a particular vocal resonance. Elizabeth Baron's vocal pedagogy has developed throughout her study and teaching of these resonances, and how entire forms and states can be discovered, or further developed, through this vocal work.

After years of singing and performing professionally, Elizabeth Baron suffered a major vocal injury while studying at a prestigious classical conservatory voice program. The experience of working and performing with the limited use of her voice, and her efforts over a decade to regain it, helped to shape her approach to voice pedagogy. She realized the importance of studying voice within a rich context of movement and collaborative creation. Elizabeth gained a unique perspective on the intricate process of helping people to use and strengthen their voices and most fundamentally, their ‘contact’ and connection with themselves and with the audience.

To read more about Elizabeth's Voice Work, click here.


Rev. Fletcher Harper
Executive Director of GreenFaith, NYC

Liz not only saved my vocal chords from a shredded meltdown.  Her method of work, and her skill, helped me wake up and reconnect with a deeper and richer sense of myself in a way that's been truly amazing.  I'm deeply grateful and am very glad to recommend her with great enthusiasm.

Sarah Kauffman Michael,
Actress, Singer, Musician, Yoga Teacher

Liz possesses an incredible breadth of knowledge and experience, with a variety of different modalities at her disposal.  But Liz's most salient gift is her intuition.  She consistently knows specifically what my mind and body need for each session in order to delve into the work in a deep and meaningful way. A brilliant teacher and gifted bodyworker, Liz is adept at identifying and working with physical and emotional blocks and tension patterns of which I might not even be consciously aware.  Her style gives rise to vulnerable work, and she approaches it with kindness, compassion, and empathy.  Through Liz's guidance, I feel more alive and more myself as a performer, as a musician, and in my life.  It is with enthusiasm that I recommend Liz to anyone who is curious about investigating and exploring their most unique and personal Voice.  

Kait Dowling,
Performer and devised theater creator

My favorite part of the (Sublime Stupidity) workshop was the voice work segment. Getting to put a voice to my clown was when my understand of my clown character deepened. Through the voice work, Elizabeth not only helped to free up my clown, but she helped to give a voice to certain parts of myself that needed to be heard.

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