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Creative Consultant

"Elizabeth Baron!! Who i worked with on my show. and I just kept thinking about it, because. she helped me. So Much. and it is So Rare to find a brilliant theater director who is also Kind and it just makes me want to Share it with you you all who maybe need an Expert who has Big Sight and Great Knowledge and Intuition and who is a trained theater actress from New York City who taught at Giovanni Fusetti's school in Italy for many years and has taught/directed for the last 10. ok, and she is so cool. like unbelievably fun and open and true. She helped turn my hash of a show with a million thoughts and five million pieces and confusion and hatred for my show into an actual show. She did. She did that."

                       --Karen Penley, Theatre Artist, Actress, Writer                        

"Shadows In Bloom' by Gemma Wilcox

Elizabeth has consulted for many projects, including:

Karen Penley: 

Feral Girl (2016)

Gemma Wilcox:

The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over (2013)

       (Multiple awards, including "Best of Fest" 16 times) 

Shadows in Bloom (2009)

       ("Best of Fest" - BIFF)

Notes From the King (2008)

Karen Anne Light:

Unblinking Eye (2014)

(Click here to view selected scenes!)

Quake Theater:

The Awkward Art of Flying (2013)

(Click here to read review in The Boulder Weekly!)

I had been working with Elizabeth in her Sublime Stupidity clown workshops for about a year when I approached her for help with my role as Iris in Unblinking Eye. She simply scanned through the pages, had me read a short section of text, and with a few brief and astute suggestions, I understood how to incorporate contact with the audience (which we play with in clown), and other simple acting principles in a way that helped me immediately. After working with her on this for perhaps an hour or two, I went back to NYC for the next staged reading and felt complete trust and ease in my moment to moment embodied experience as Iris. I trusted every instinct, every movement of my body. If my hand began to tremble, Iris was trembling. I didn't try to suppress it or change it. I noticed it and let the impulse move through my body and voice, let it be Iris inhabiting the space in that way, in that moment. I felt completely "with" the audience; all of us in Iris' world together. This shift  made the challenge of this role not only achievable, but fun and adventurous. After that particular reading (and there have been several stagings since, each one richer than the one before), the playwright (Justin A. Taylor) remarked that he had never seen me so at ease about this play before. 

-Karen Anne Light, Actor and Collaborative Theatre Artist

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