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Red Nose Theatre Clown:
Group Workshops & 
Advanced Ongoing Work


By identifying and learning to celebrate what is uniquely and inherently stupid about each of us, we begin to know and embody our clowns. Over the course of four different workshops, and perhaps ongoing work, we cultivate the skills to return continually to the flow state and play and create as our clowns.

Elizabeth Baron is known for her compassionate, humor-filled teaching style, and her deep love of and belief in the power of the Red Nose to unlock our hidden, delightful selves. Liz sees this work as an invaluable tool for the artist, connecting us to an endless source of creativity and poetry, and providing a treasure trove of insight and inspiration. All while being very stupid.

Sublime Stupidity Workshops

An Introduction to Theatre Clown 

Voice, Play, and Themes

Costuming and Naming the Clown

Poetry, Therapy, and Dates (Advanced  Work)

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Sublime Stupidity I

November 3 -5, 2023!!!

A blonde-haired red nose clown with a big red flower in her hair looks up on one side of a grey banner. On the other side, she holds a wand and wears a white dress. Text reads "Sublime Stupidity: An Introduction to Red Nose Clown (Yours, That Is) with Elizabeth Baron"

Solo / Duo Work

  • Individual Advanced Clown Work

  • Devising and Creating Red Nose Performance Projects

  • Artistic and non-Artistic Applications of Red Nose

  • Writing through Improvisation

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