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Sublime Stupidity II:
Voice, Play, and Themes

In this weekend intensive workshop, the clown takes the next step in his or her life! They now get to play with other clowns and to learn more about themselves.


Building on the work done in Sublime Stupidity I, we dive back into playing in solo work and duos, creating through structured improvisation, while re-finding the clown. We then begin the vocal resonance work, where the actors get to explore myriad forms and vocal masks. Through this vocal work, each clown finds her unique 'voice'! The clown journeys from playing using only his body and/or pre-verbal sounds into playing and creating utilizing speech - probably even song! ... And that's when it gets even funnier :o).

The student develops his ability to maintain and nourish his clown form, thereby deepening and energizing the clown state. 

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