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Lecoq Physical Theatre


  • Cultivate skill in the principles of Neutrality, Mask, Mime, and other body-based techniques 

  • Discover a limitless wealth of inspiration

  • Play with full force at Mask Level

  • Become an autonomous artist

  • Experience acting as a dynamic art form where the player's creative fire is the driving force

  • As a class or theatre company, share theatrical tools to create engaging devised theatre

Photographs courtesy of Helikos School and LISPA

Lecoq is Actor-Created, dynamic physical theatre, featuring liberated poetic expression through movement and gesture. It is great for actors who are well-versed in modern acting and text work, but don't know how to move onstage, or access their creativity physically. Lecoq is improvisation-based, and helps actors to discover character and content through a state of rigorous play.

Ideal for ensembles, LeCoq principles can also apply to dance, contemporary acting, animation, voice-over, and the creation of characters for film. Experience your whole, vividly present and surprising self onstage (versus acting only from the neck up)

Escape the limits of "type-casting" (or even experience your given character type in new, fascinating ways!)

With her diverse background in many styles of theatre, Elizabeth can interpret the needs of the play, the players, and your creative vision to choose the approach most needed for your work. 

Elizabeth Baron holds an MFA in LeCoq Based Actor-Created Physical Theatre from Naropa University / London International School of the Performing Arts (LISPA). 


She was part of the permanent teaching team at Giovanni Fusetti’s international school of theater creation, Helikos: Scuola Internazionale Di Creatione Teatrale in Florence, Italy.


LeCoq Pedagogy Includes:

  • neutral mask

  • mime

  • movement studies

  • ‘le jeu’

  • improvisation

  • larval mask

  • expressive mask 

  • trateaut

  • personage (physical character creation)

  • use of objects

  • ensemble theatre creation

  • critique and analysis

  • dramatic construction in the arts:architecture and dynamics of space, music, dramatic compositions,

  • painting, poetry

  • dramatic storytelling

  • movement analysis and applied techniques

  • buffon

  • grotesque

  • tragedy

  • the dynamics of nature

  • bestiary

Neutral Masks by Amleto Sartori

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