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Sublime Stupidity I:
An Introduction to Red Nose Clown (yours, that is)

**Only 1 spot left!! **
      For details and registration info, click here!
November 3 - 5, 2023 at Radical Movement Factory in Santa Cruz, CA

The focus of this weekend intensive workshop is on giving birth to your clown. The clown is based on you – your body, your movement, and many elements of you as yet unnoticed and/or un-celebrated. The tools we use to help you discover and begin to play as your clown are drawn from myriad Mask and Movement-Theater techniques and traditions. By identifying and learning to glory in what is uniquely and inherently stupid about each of us, we begin to know and embody our clowns. Ironically, these qualities, which we often are unaware of and/or struggle to keep hidden from those around us, are in fact the gateways to hysterically funny, profound and sublimely simple work.


This approach to clown is rigorous in terms of physicality and specificity. Participants will be asked to listen to themselves and to the reactions of the ‘audience’ (the rest of the class) with the intense curiosity of a scientist. Through the workshop, participants will gain the skills and insight to create in the moment, based on this ‘listening.’ They will also laugh a lot, quite hard, and probably be moved to tears by the other clowns. This blend of rigorous technique and laughter combines to birth and nurture the first days of play in the lives of each participant's clown.


The workshop is useful for performers and non-performers, alike!  It helps us tap into a resource hidden inside each of us, providing us with insight, creativity and freedom for years to come.

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