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Sublime Stupidity IV:
Poetry, Therapy, and Dates


This intensive workshop's focus is on creating from the clown state, in the space and energy of play. The clown begins to explore what he feels about many things, from dating to dying. 

Through monologue or duo work, the clowns comment on the world and life around them. Building on the work in previous levels, the student will further develop her ability to maintain and nourish her clown form, thereby deepening and energizing the clown state. The student grows his capacity to exist in and respond to the present moment. Students hone their ability to listen from the clown state, and to 'hear' and express their true impulses. The work facilitates students learning to trust their instincts, their reactions, and the promise of the unknown.



Through exercises combining improv and technique, students develop the techniques of theater mask ('takes,' finding and developing 'The Theme') and collaborative creation (listening, action/reaction.) 


Clowns write organically and through play. When the player is both playing well in the clown state and in a state of play, their improvised text invariably comes out as poetic, and ready to be developed into performance.






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