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Voice Work with Elizabeth

Elizabeth's role as part of the core faculty was to cover all aspects of the pedagogy at HÈLIKOS: Scuola di Teatro Internazionale, through the channel and perspective of Voice. In doing so she discovered that the study of voice touches on every aspect of our existence. 

Guided by and in collaboration with Giovanni Fusetti, the Director and Founder of Hèlikos, Elizabeth created a voice pedagogy that includes a direct application of voice to Lecoq and other movement theatre work. Gesture and embodiment of forms are fundamental principles of physical theatre. These principles translate to an awareness of breath and vibration in the body. The way an individual breathes, where the breath is focused in the body (and where it is limited), the parts of the body that are held or released, the emotional state and psychological movement all result in a particular vocal resonance. For the artist, entire forms and states can be discovered, or further developed, through this vocal work.

Vibration is a gesture - a fundamental expression of a being. and a revelation of oneself. Emphasis in Elizabeth's voice work is placed on Vibration. ​The actor, learning to mimic and improvise using the vibration of an object or form, animate or inanimate, radically expands their vocal capacity and skill.


Release and tremoring work are a primary tool. Through release work, blocks or patterns are revealed, played through and created from. Healthy and sustainable breath when singing, speaking, and improvising is established. Anything physical or psychological that would injure or inhibit the performer has been released. 

Elizabeth Baron's approach draws from her diverse training in voice and breath work, which includes: release work based on the teachings of Wilhelm Reich and Catherine Fitzmaurice, Wu-Tao Breath, character and voiceover work, Roy Hart Theatre, Bel Canto, Musical Theatre, and Classical Theatre. As a singer, Elizabeth studied: Fado, Cabaret, Rock and Pop, Folk, Opera, Bossa Nova, and many more styles. Elizabeth intuitively connects to the needs of the student or performer to discover which approaches will be most helpful and relevant. 

Elizabeth constantly hones her understanding of voice through direct practice as a performer, teacher, and director. In addition to her teaching at Hèlikos, she leads mask, voice, acting, red nose, and movement workshops and classes throughout the United States and Internationally. She is dedicated to helping people find their voice and authentic presence on stage and in life, in an uninhibited creative flow. 

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